Facts About Your Swimming Pool

Your Swimming Pool

A swim is a refreshing way to unwind your day or just enjoy. Most homes have built-in swimming pools which certainly need a lot of maintenance.

There are so many pool facts that are vital for you to know before you carry out any kind of cleaning service.

Acid Content

It is good to determine the acid content in your water. Hard water makes the water acidic and the adjoining areas too. For the same, it is good to have a duct directed to the nearest sewer close to your house.

The acidic water can harm your garden plants and surely cause a problem and hence discharge of this water has to be done appropriately.


Looking into the various aspects of climate, temperature and usage you will need to look into weekly cleaning service for your pool. Getting a good filter helps you in getting all the dirt as well as debris filtered.

Here the effort to clean the filter is more to check for entrapment and remove any kind of oil collected during the cleaning process. Understand the pH factor for water and neutralizing is so much important. Bather’s rules must be communicated.

All kinds of pool require brushing at least once a week and circulating the water is a must to avoid all kind of infestation.

In Ground Pool Cleaning

An in ground pool cleaning is much different from others. These facts are essential before you clean your pool. Brushing the tiles is good but cleaning the corners is more important as the bristles do not reach well.

An ergonomic brush with a modulated handle is much necessary.

Draining your pool and treating it with disinfectants can be done simultaneously. Water levels need to be maintained as per the shape and depth of the pool. Pool disinfectants have to mixed as per the instructions mentioned so that the clean up is easy.

Water Evaporation

Water evaporation causes water loss and hence it is vital to know these facts especially during summer time. Knowing whether you pool is leaking is another way to know the reason for water loss. Pool thermometers are a reliable.

Additionally any kind of repairs has to be done by a specialist. Sealants like putty can easily chip off and further contaminate the pool. Fixing broken tiles is good for safety as well as ensuring that the pool is water tight. Much has to be evaluated about a faulty pump or back washing to know the real reason for water loss in your swimming pool.



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