pool leak detection bucket test

Pool leak detection bucket test

Pool leak detection bucket test

To do the pool leak detection bucket test, fill the pool water to its normal level. Shut off the pump so that the pool water don’t move.
Fill a 20 Liter bucket with pool water to approximately 5cm’s from the top.
Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool. Make sure the bucket is immersed in the pool at least 13cm’s.
Mark the water level inside the bucket.
Mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket.
Resume the normal pool pump operation.

Compare the two water levels after 24 hours. If the pool water (market outside) went down more than the bucket’s water level, there is probably a leak. If the water levels are the same, its due to evaporation.

In case of rain, you will need to repeat the Pool leak detection bucket test. Water loss from normal evaporation can be expected.

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