Swimming Pool Paving

Swimming Pool Paving made of Poured Concrete

Concrete coping has multiple options as they are linked with caulking and mortar. Since, it consists of separate stones, it is easy to mix and match. They are also available in different colours, by experimenting with them we can come up with a fine design according to our liking.

Precast Concrete

Another kind of concrete coping is precast concrete. It is quite thinner when compared to poured concrete and it is considerably lighter. This lighter concrete makes the perfect pool’s bond beam/wall as it stresses lightly against the pool structure. This aids in increasing the lifetime of the pool. If you are looking for a pool that lasts longer, precast pool copingstone is the right choice.

Pool paving made of Natural stone

This pool coping stone is used by many because of its natural look and feel. It gives a new personality to the pool with its warm colour, texture and firmness of the stone. There are various natural stones that are used for coping swimming pools such as the quarried granite, limestone and other fieldstones. These natural stones form a sturdy beam and with its uniform thickness, these natural stones form an element of visual beauty


This kind of coping is famous for its charm and comfort feel. The coping made of bricks are available in a wide range of colours which makes it a convenient choice for people looking to beautify their pools. One should know that the dark coloured bricks can absorb the heat easily during the summer. We mostly use swimming pools on hot sunny days, it becomes a nuisance if it is too hot to touch the sides of the wall. Choosing lighter colour is a sane option to avoid such inconvenience, else you will have to wear flip-flops around the pool area.

Bricks are not as firm and smooth as materials like concrete and natural stone. It is extremely rough and can be chipped easily, causing minor cuts in our feet. If look is what you are going for, then these minor inconvenience can be put behind us, as it provides a stylish looking pool.

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