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pool installation alberton

A swimming pool is, for many South Africans, an essential addition to their property. It can be costly, so it is important to choose the correct kind of pool for your budget and soil. A skillful and professional pool installation can significantly increase the value of your home.

Things to consider before contacting a pool contractor

Before contacting your local pool contractor in Alberton, think about;

  • The measurement, terrain and landscaping lay out of your yard. Then you can decide on the size and type of pool you want to install.
  • Keep in mind that you need to steer clear of sewerage, water pipes and buried cables, before identifying your pool site.
  • Consider having your pool installed during the winter months. This will also mean that your pool and surrounds will be settled and ready by the time warmer weather approaches.
  • Choose a reputable pool company.

What type of Pool to Install - Marbelite or Fibreglass

Additionally, you need to deliberate over what type of pool to install. Marbelite and Fiberglass are some of the more popular choices.

A lot of pools are built using hand-packed steel reinforced concrete or Gunite. (A mixture of sand and cement that is sprayed on.) This forms the structural shell of your pool.

Marbelite is a cement-based waterproofing plaster finish that is added over the concrete. Your other option is a fiberglass liner.

The Marbelite vs Fiberglass installation challenge can only be solved by carefully evaluating the pros and cons of both and making a choice dependent on your personal circumstances. For example, restrictive access to your property might preclude you being able to even consider a Fiberglass shell.

Marbelite is more porous than Fiberglass, so your chemical cleaning costs will be higher. But, a Fiberglass installation is so much quicker. In clay soil a concrete pool will often crack as it cannot absorb movement, whereas the fiberglass can stretch.

On the other hand, you can have a Marbelite pool installed of any size, depth, design and colour. You can add slopes, mosaics, waterfalls and custom steps. With a pre-manufactured Fiberglass shell your choices are limited to what is available.

With smaller pool installations fiberglass pool shells are the more affordable option. Remember that travelling distance to and from your site will affect the pool installation price.

With concrete pool installations, there is a slight variation between the price of Marbelite and Fiberglass linings, with Fiberglass normally around 10% more costly.

Read more about Fiberglass pools.

There you have it, the choice is your.

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