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Pool Pump Repairs

Your swimming pool pump is the beating heart of your pool, pumping thousands of gallons of water per hour. As a result, it’s normal that it requires maintenance now and then and that a few things will surely go wrong over time.

If you have a problem with your swimming pool pump, there could be several causes for it to stop working.

Because the functions of pumps and filters are so important, hiring an experienced and competent pool service company for both installation and repairs is highly advised.

Repair your Pool Pump

Pool pump repair is needed from time to time as this equipment contains a number of moving parts that wear out after continual use. In many cases, it is not necessary to call a professional because you can often make minor repairs by yourself if you have the knowledge required to do so.

Pump Taking in Air

If your pump seems to be taking in a great deal of air, it could be due to a damaged skimmer weir. This is a flap that opens and closes in order to keep bugs and debris out. Check to see if this panel is opening and closing properly, and inspect it for signs of damage. Should it appear to be cracked or broken, replace it with a new one. A defective o-ring on the inside of your pump’s lid might also cause the unit to take in air. Open the lid and inspect this ring. Replace it if it appears worn or cracked; otherwise, simply lubricate it and close the lid tightly. After following these steps, your pump should start taking in more water and much less air.

Motor Starts and Stops

If the motor starts and stops frequently, this is a sign of a clogged line, especially if the device also makes a humming noise while shutting down. This is an easy pool pump repair to make, as it simply involves removing the debris from the line. To do so, turn off power to your pump and then open it up. You should be able to see if there are any leaves or other debris clogging up your system. Remove items carefully by hand, taking care not to let any heavy debris scrape against the wiring. Close the unit and let it cool completely before starting it up again. You should find that the motor runs smoothly and continuously once the clog has been completely cleared.

Pump runs Sluggishly

If your pool pump runs sluggishly, this is surely a sign of a clogged filter. To change it, open the lid of your pump and set it to the side. Look for a long cylinder-like object containing ridges along the outside of it. Lift it straight up in order to remove it. In doing so, you will likely remove a great deal of water. Slide the new filter into the same slot in which the old one previously sat. Ensure it is seated securely, and then replace your lid and tighten the screws down. Turn your motor back on, and you should notice an immediate difference in the way your pump is operating.

In many cases, pool pump repair can actually be quite simple. When performing DIY repairs, always remember that safety is important. Always disconnect the power source before beginning any work, and call a professional if you notice wiring that appears to be unsafe.

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