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Pool Bladders

Pool Water Storage Bladders


What Are Pool Bladders?

Pool bladders are used to store water and made of soft plastic that can hold a lot of water. The plastic is BPA free, soft, and flexible making sure it provides complete control when moving around.

While working on your pool, don’t waste hundreds of litres of water. Make use of a pool bladder. We will store your swimming pool water in large, collapsible water storage bladders. When work on the pool is completed, we pump it back.

No need to replace the water. Draining your pool for maintenance is both wasteful and costly. Our swimming pool bladders will stop both.

How a Water Bladder Works?

As the bladder fills it will gain height but in the process will lose some width. This leads to an increase in the circumferential load, limiting the maximum fill height achievable.

The maximum fill height of a water bladder is usually limited to approx. 1.3m in height for very large bladders. This is why only durable materials can be used in making a bladder.

How To Save Your Pool Water?

Thousands of litres of water are wasted every day during swimming pool renovations and repairs. There is no need to throw the water down the drain. Store it in a bladder till it can be used again. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference saving water makes in a typical swimming pool.

By saving 25 000l of water will equal to one South Africans water usage for 500 days, given only 50 litres a day is used. That is 1.36 years of drinking water that would have originally been thrown away.

Benefits of Pool Bladders

  • Store Loads of Water – The sole purpose of a water bladder is to store loads of water and that’s what it does best. You may now save your existing water by pumping it into water storage bladders and storing it on site. The water is kept on the premises until the pool maintenance or repairs are finished.
  • Save Time – Getting your pool to sparkling perfection takes time and effort, using a pool bladder means your water goes in the exact same way it came out.
  • Save Money – It takes money to refill your pool, and you risk being penalized if you do so when water restrictions are in effect. A swimming pool bladder means you don’t discard the water and you don’t have to refill.
  • Better for the environment – Water is a scarce commodity and the more we can save the better off the environment will be. By Storing your water a pool bladder means saving, not wasting water.
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