Re Marbelite Pools

FQA About Re Marbelite Pools

How long does an re marbelite pool last

The truth is that most re marbelite pools are made to last for around ten years. After that, the surface can begin to display signs of aging, which are unaesthetic and unpleasant for swimmers.

How long after re marbelite can you fill the pool?

To prevent the finish drying out, it is strongly recommended that the pool be fully filled with water 24-30 hours or earlier after the marbelite application is completed. If the pool is not filled fast enough, shrinkage cracks can appear.

Do I have to remove all previous coatings?

We recommend that all previous coatings be removed down to concrete for best results.

Will the cracks in my concrete come back?

There is no way to prevent cracks from reappearing. Since your concrete is continually moving, there’s a risk that old cracks will reappear and new cracks will appear.

How long until I can walk on the floor?

We recommend 24 hours for foot traffic.

What colours can I choose from?

There are many pool plaster colour options to choose from. White is your cheapest option.

What lasts longer Marbelite or Fibreglass?

Marbelite is made to be underwater, you should get betweeen 15 to 20 years if applied by a pro, Fibreglass will start to lift off the wall.

Did you know

  • Algae on a marbelite or re-marbelite pool should not be allowed to form as it can cause staining
  • Minor surface cracks are not a problem, but deeper cracks are.
  • White pool plaster produces a uniform white surface in the swimming pool, with some slight surface colour variations. When viewed from a distance the pool has a crisp light blue appearance.
  • Classic colours: White, Black, Sky Blue, Pool Blue, Cobalt Blue, Midnight Blue, Turquoise, Emerald Green, Pool Grey, Sandstone and Tan.
  • Coloured marblite creates a variety of colorful swimming pool effects.
  • Black marblite gives a natural looking effect with some more pronounced surface colour variations of black marble, giving the surface the effect of natural black marble.
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